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Computer Forensic Preview

If a criminal or malicious employee stole data from your organisation or misused the internet access you provide, would you have the skills to detect it? Could you gather evidence that would allow you to recover losses in the courts or help the authorities prosecute a criminal case, or perhaps just to present the evidence to the culprit?

Our Computer Forensic Preview offers a preliminary assessment to be carried out within a limited time scale and budget. The Preview is to help the client limit expenditure on a case until it is clear that further work is necessary and justified. This would be ideal for clients in cases where there may be some doubt as to the existence of evidential material on a computer hard drive or other storage media or who are unsure as to the possibility of retrieving any evidence. We would take an image of the storage device/media and work on that, leaving the original untouched. A verbal or written report will give details of what evidence could be recovered on a full examination, along with our recommendations regarding any further examination. This in most cases could be carried out on customer site. We use state of the art forensic tools and log every single step taken so that an independent/police examiner would be able to copy our procedure and come to the same result.

Typical concerns:
  • Internet and Email abuse
  • Breaches of acceptable use policy
  • Data leakage
  • Intellectual Property theft
  • Illegal or inappropriate images
  • Recovery of deleted data
One piece of essential free advice - If the pc/laptop is powered on LEAVE IT ON - critical data is lost if powered off!!