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Private Investigators and
Process Servers
Reading, Berkshire


- Surveillance
- Process serving
- General Investigation
- Undercover work
- Injury & illness claims
- Witness statements
- Missing Persons
- RTA Investigations


Private Investigations

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T: 0118 975 9400
M: 07770 944098
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General Investigations

We are able to conduct in-depth investigations concerning criminal and civil cases using our extensive experience and modern methods, all within current laws and rules of evidence.

Undercover Work

We conduct undercover operations from general covert investigations to full in-depth infiltration. All our undercover operatives are fully trained and are fully aware of the laws and rules concerning Agent Provocateurs and entrapment.

Evidence can be gained using modern covert video and audio equipment, with, if required, full transcriptions meeting all court and tribunal requirements.

Injury And Illness Claims

Bogus injury and illness claims have shown a significant rise in today's increasingly litigious society. We are skilled in obtaining irrefutable evidence if a claim is not legitimate or is exaggerated, potentially resulting in huge cost savings.
This is only a sample of some of the services we can provide. If the specific service you require is not listed please contact us direct on 0118 975 9400