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Private Investigations

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Private Investigations

The thought of using the services of a Private Investigator can seem daunting, but it needn't be. At Southern Law Services we are straightforward and don't try to pull the wool over your eyes. We will discuss your requirements with you, advise you what services we can provide and recommend the best approach to take. We will talk you through the costings so that you can make an informed decision. We offer a no charge, no obligation consultation and you can be assured that anything you discuss with us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Matrimonial/Relationship problems. Having doubts about your partner's fidelity can cause stress, worry, insecurity and upset. It is often the 'not knowing' that is the worst part. Carrying out surveillance may seem distasteful but it can often be the most appropriate course of action. In order to verify information you need a reliable and professional source to establish the facts and provide an independent and unbiased report.

We can help, by carrying out professional surveillance and by providing you with fully detailed authenticated reports backed up, if necessary and where possible, by video and photographic evidence. We can also act on your behalf as professional witnesses to support you through the process of law, if need be. At all times we can assure you of complete confidentiality.

Missing Persons. Lost contact with family members? Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, parents? We can provide a family tracing service. We also welcome Probate enquiries to trace beneficiaries.

Computer Forensic Preview. Concerned parents or partners may have suspicions as to what is being viewed on the home pc or how it is being used. Recovery of deleted files and folders, recovery of internet browsing history and recovery of deleted emails can all be accomplished.

Our Computer Forensic Preview offers a preliminary assessment to be carried out within a limited time scale and budget. The Preview is to help the client limit expenditure on a case until it is clear that further work is necessary and justified. This would be ideal for clients in cases where there may be some doubt as to the existence of evidential material on a computer hard drive or other storage media or who are unsure as to the possibility of retrieving any evidence. We would take an image of the storage device/media and work on that, leaving the original untouched. A verbal or written report will give details of what evidence could be recovered on a full examination, along with our recommendations regarding any further examination. This in most cases could be carried out on customer site. We use state of the art forensic tools and log every single step taken so that an independent/police examiner would be able to copy our procedure and come to the same result.
To discuss your specific requirements please contact us direct on 0118 975 9400.