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- Surveillance
- Process serving
- General Investigation
- Undercover work
- Injury & illness claims
- Witness statements
- Missing Persons
- RTA Investigations


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Local Surveillance Services

Southern Law Services Limited is a Berkshire based company professionally operated by retired police officers. The company supplies a full surveillance service to establish evidence in many fields including family and domestic matters, employment issues, false claims and neighbourhood issues.

All work is priced individually at a reasonable rate and the client will be supplied with a full report, surveillance logs, timed and dated photographs and video evidence, all of which can be transferred into statement forms and exhibited to the standard required of any court or tribunal and all our staff will be treated as professional witnesses with their experienced backgrounds.

On discussion with clients we would:

  • Decide and advise the requirement to obtain the desired result
  • Recommend the number of personnel required and the methods engaged i.e. observation van or vans, selection of cars, motorcycles or footmen.
  • Prepare detailed briefings for each surveillance operator
  • Deploy fully trained operatives with suitable equipment/props to obtain a covert result for our clients.
  • Use covert radio communications using modern GP344 radios and covert microphones.
  • Obtain as much evidence as possible in the form of time and dated digital video footage from which clear still photographs can be produced. Material items would be professionally produced in the form of Exhibits to Court standards.
  • Keep contemporaneous recorded surveillance logs all duly signed, timed and dated.
  • Provide, if required, Section 9 or Wolf Report Witness Statements prepared from the surveillance operatives, compiled for any Court or Tribunal hearings.
  • Be available to give evidence if required
  • Throughout all operations, keep the client fully updated and listen to their suggestions/requirements.
  • Ensure that all operations are carried out within the rules of Data Protection/Entrapment Laws and Civil Trespass etc.
This is only a sample of some of the services we can provide. If the specific service you require is not listed please contact us direct on 0118 975 9400